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Terroir rules at Louis Chevallier ! The House, created by the Chevallier family over 200 years ago, was named after its founder, the great diplomat and former mayor of Puligny Louis Chevallier, who was recognized in particular for his participation in the sale of Louisiana to the United States. Today the estate continues to produce fine wines from the best terroirs of the region from regional appellations to premier crus and grand crus.

We are working very closely with a small family of growers monitoring every step from the vineyard  to the harvest ; then we select the best quality grapes and handle the vinification process and the bottling. Our grower partners are working with sustainable agriculture. Our quest is to maintain the specificity and traditions of each appellation.Therefore, we surrounded ourselves with Brigitte Putzu, a talented winemaker, who has ambition to make wines that express the soul of the terroir.

Our winery has a modern infrastructure which is a precious help to produce quality wines without leaving behind the tradition. Our team taste the wine at every stage of the winemaking to make the right decision for the wine and final ageing. The most full-bodied and richest wines will be aged in oak barrels for 12 -15 months. We only select French barrels but from different barrel makers in order to have more aroma complexity. For the lighter wines meant to be drunk young and crisp we prefer to use stainless still to preserve all the fruit and freshness. Our goal is to make balanced wines which offer a perfect harmony.





22.12.2014 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



The house Louis Chevallier wishes you a very happy new year 2015.

May this year be a very special vintage for great wines, peace and happyness.





02.06.2011 - 2011… the early bird vintage.

The particularly sunny and warm weather in April awoke the vines from winter rest full of vitality! The mid-bud stage is one of the earliest of the last 17 years with comparable dates to 2007. The growing cycle has a rather exceptional advance of 3 weeks throughout the vineyard.

The arrival of spring was marked by a significant rise of temperatures above normal beginning March 23 and 24. The following mild weather allowed for a rapid vegetative growth. Flowering was engaged and progressed rapidly throughout the vineyard, keeping the 3-week advance acquired during budding. No hint of disease anywhere on the horizon. So 2011 will be soon knocking at the door…the harvest during the second half of August seems very likely.

For the record, for the last 300 years, only five vintages were harvested in August: 1719, 1822, 1893, 2003 and 2007.


29.03.2011 - Welcome on our new website!

This rubric will inform you of any major facts about our winery and new press reviews.


25.01.2011 - A promising 2010 vintage!

Mother nature gave us a bit more hard time this year with some drastic temperature changes during Winter and Spring. The flowering was slightly disturb by the temperature drops in June and then some rain at the end of July and early September. Therefore the harvest time was late compare to previous vintages and started around September 18th .

The nature gave us lower yield as the growing season was slightly disturb  but the grapes were ripped with interesting complex flavors. The winemaker is the one that always make the difference by selecting the proper harvest time and sorting the grapes to highlight the essence of each terroir. On and all the vintage 2010 will offer lovely fruity wines easy to drink in their young age.