History of the Winery

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. In 1801, Louis Chevallier lived a fortified house near the Batard of Puligny vineyard in Burgundy. Famous figure in the region, he considered his life as complete: married to a powerful elder woman, having two children and owning one of the richest vineyards in the beautiful Côte de Beaune.


But Louis Chevallier also had important political responsibilities. Whether he was assigned the task of selling the state of Louisiana to the United States, or meet the pope Pie VII at the Vatican, he always demonstrated his great diplomatic skills. But during his professional travels, he also took the time to learn and observe winemaking techniques in the country he visited. Upon arrival in a new country, he would ask : “Do vines grow around here? I want to see some winegrowers, perhaps they can show me what they do, and have me try their wines! ”

His wife, however – although she was proud of her husband’s accomplishments - often felt lonely. To fight against boredom, she spent more and more time in the vineyards with her children, tending to the vines and following the evolution of the grapes.

Ms. Chevallier would tend to her plots and oversee the winemaking process. Her love for the Burgundian terroir and its vines became the essence of her life, and she started passing this love and dedication on to her children.


Meanwhile, Louis Chevallier witnessed events that would change the face of the country; the construction of the famous Arc de Triomphe, the creation of the Saint Cyr School, or the opening of the Banque de France. And in 1805, when he learned that soldiers were missing during the battle of Austerlitz. Louis joined the army and fought against Austrian and Russian troops.

The French Army was victorious and Louis Chevallier came back home as a hero.

Because of his exemplary military service, he was elected as mayor of Puligny. Thanks to the work done by his family, and what he had learnt during his trips, he set up his wine trading house. Providing the finest Burgundy wines, the Maison Louis Chevalier prospered for centuries.



Internally, to our team, but also to our winegrowers and partner Domaines, as well as to our clients throughout the world, I want to communicate my passion for nature, my respect for the vine, and my love of fine wines!

Brigitte PUTZU



There are certain signs that do not deceive! ... It is in the Hospices of Beaune themselves that Brigitte Putzu, our new Technical Director, was born in 1959! And as if this nice premonitory sign of her destiny was not enough, Brigitte also spent the first few years of her life in the vineyards and cellars of one of the most renowned Burgundian villages! In fact, her Italian grandfather had left Venice a few years earlier to take over the reigns at the Domaine Musy in Volnay.

In this environment, respectful of the earth, its plants, and its nature, Brigitte developed a real interest for biology doubled by a true passion for the vine, creating the basis of her future professional journey.

It is in 1982, with her Oenology Degree in hand and a complementary diploma in Viticultural Science that she was hired by the Chauvenet and Louis Max houses from Nuits Saint Georges where, for the next 22 years, she supervised their vineyards in Burgundy as well as in Corbières in the South of France. Promoted to

Technical Director, Brigitte took charge of wine purchasing, lead the vinifications, and assembled the various cuvées.

In 2004, Brigitte gave a new momentum to her career by helping a Domaine from Morey-Saint-Denis in its international export efforts and by founding two years later, with her sister, a small wine trading company in Beaune that worked with about twenty Domaines and winemakers from the region.

It is now in the selection, vinification, and ageing of our finest wines that Brigitte Putzu will focus all of her attention. Her knowledge of Burgundy's exceptional terroirs and of the incredibly diverse vineyards from all of France, will allow her to select, vinify, and bring her assurance of quality to our large array of appellations and varietal wines.

Already, her thorough knowledge and great technical skills, along with her personal investment testify of our growing commitment to quality, respect for appellations, and our clients' utmost satisfaction.





We are making huge efforts to satisfy the palates of our customers and we like to sometimes submit our wines to the opinion of professionals as part of blind test in national and internationals wine competitions. Our efforts are frequently rewarded by numerous medals and distinctions.